Corporate Events

Fostering the sense of belonging and communicating new targets, vision and strategies, is a goal that deserves a very careful technical and logistic planning and a special attention to contents.

Convention & Incentive

If the chemistry of the meeting is confrontation, in these events the formula works at all levels: the venue, the format, the activities of the team, the shared goals and some good fun to close the event.

Product Launches

We begin by studying the platform - trade, media or consumer event. We work on the concept and image to build unique launch experiences in the ideal venue.

Great Events

Shows, concerts and performances: the wait and expectations are high, the production even more.

Trade Shows

Even the smallest space can tell a lot: to design, to plan, to organize and brand a space requires an attentive eye, sense of the flows and a long experience of trade-shows.

Tour & Roadshow

Italian creativity meets accurate organization: these are the ingredients of our events on the road.

In-Store/Extra Store Promotion & Guerrilla

To increase attention and to grow enthusiasm. No matter if in-store or among the people in the streets: what matters is knowing how to create new experiences for every product.